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The Lifetime Income Model™

We can analyze and implement a strategic retirement distribution plan with a goal to help increase your income and minimize risk while providing tax efficiency and preservation of assets.

TIME: Which assets should be used first?

The Lifetime Income Model was developed to analyze and implement a strategic retirement distribution plan. It is designed to address current needs while allowing other assets the opportunity to grow until they are needed. By allocating your assets into a series of time-sensitive distribution phases, we can efficiently organize your income needs throughout your lifetime.

NEED: Is there enough money saved?

Inflation, longevity, and taxes can all impact retirement income needs. Our system can help illustrate your annual income so you can plan your lifestyle accordingly. Retirement can last for decades. It takes a qualified advisor along with a sophisticated plan to navigate the complexities so you can pursue the retirement you deserve.

TOLERANCE: Are my assets in the correct places?

A prudent portfolio can help manage the overall volatility of your nest egg. Your investments should be kept in line with your own financial goals to help increase your potential for financial success.

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No strategy assures success or protects against loss.